UD. KARYA JATI is a company engaged in the manufacture of furniture knock down panel, premium interior door and spring bed in Jombang, East Java - Indonesia. Type of products such as Wardrobe, TV Shelf, Rack Versatile, Computer Desk, etc... The main raw material particle board and solid wood.

In 2005, on furniture knock down panel raw material as PVC Sheet supporters lining the main raw material, but in 2007 the company decided to use a standart coating material support to Paper Sheet, because at that time the company has a goal to increase the selling power at a competitive price.

Currently, UD. KARYA JATI has become exporter company with a large number of local and export customers. The company is supported by reliable human resources and trained. We are based on the philosophy totally dedicated to the furniture industry in general and in particular furniture panels, premium interior door and spring bed.

To demonstrate a commitment to quality and safety of products, the company ensures that the products meet the requirements of applicable legislation.

Soo... Need a Furniture, Premium Interior Door and Spring Bed ?? KARYA JATI is the answered, because we have a high quality products, a large number of series and expandable, on time delivery and competitive price. --> Back To Home